KINESTHIA was a cooperation with the Talented Photographer Nadia Von Scotti for Superior Magazine.

View Nadia´s full story on ISSUU
Click Here

Our part was to take advantage of her concept and portray the mood of her story into moving imagery:

bildschirmfoto-2015-11-09-um-22-59-30 bildschirmfoto-2015-11-09-um-23-00-00 bildschirmfoto-2015-11-09-um-23-00-58 bildschirmfoto-2015-11-09-um-23-05-03 bildschirmfoto-2015-11-09-um-23-05-45 bildschirmfoto-2015-11-09-um-23-06-22 bildschirmfoto-2015-11-06-um-22-23-17
bildschirmfoto-2015-10-01-um-03-05-58 bildschirmfoto-2015-10-01-um-03-06-52

And this is what it looked like when we was finally finished
with the Edit.


Models: Miha, Lucas, Sina, Gabriel at PMA Luca at Place Models
Styling by Jennifer Lascheit
Hair & Make-up by Christian Olivier at Bigoudi
using Balmain Paris Hair Couture & MAC Cosmetics
Photography by Nadia Von Scotti
Assistant: Alexander Fenske
Film | Music by CRYPTIC CHILD


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