Producers often wonder whether or not their content gets heard
by the right people. With MP3s and streaming platforms nowadays,
there’s a taste-and-go mentality.
It’s like, ‘Oh, I’ll listen to a few seconds, ehrm, What’s this over there?
I’ll just click on this thing here.. and..
With „Thruway Lane“ i wanted to achieve the complete opposite.

A cassette demands more effort. People have to take the vision of an artist,
in their hands and stick with it for a certain amount of time.
Sure, That’s a hard choice to make in this day and age,
with so many bits and pieces going on online. But isn’t it satisfying
just watching and listening to the crackle of a vinyl go round
or when cassettes are playing, they look like little machines themselves
with all the gears and wheels moving.

thruway-lane9035 thruway-lane9143Thruway_7 Kopie.jpg

Thanks to Brighton Record Label Headcount records (UK)for bringing this project to life! Headcount records will ship theselittle “Limited Edition” babies on the 27th of Jan.

It wouldn’t be right if i didn’t give this tape a nostalgic touch. So i took out my old hardware gear from the cellar,  just so i could play around with my old Korg-Synthesizer, Roland-drum-machine, favorite 80s Basslines, samples of a few Guitar-licks and mash them up to give it that eighties mixtape feel.
Graphic design meets Future Retro Font Types, voila.

So let´s fish out our walkmans, flourish the 1970s/80s
and reject industry standards. Get yourself a copy!
Order your limited tape HERE
Here are also a couple of Visuals i edited for some of the tracks:

Also a big Thanks to Hans Wouters for letting me use his content
for this “Would i lie” edit Check out his Longboard skills here:

or just stream some of the Tracks from Soundcloud to get a better impression.




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